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DANTE is the State-of-the-Art in simulation software, promoting improved component and process design in heat treatment.

DANTE is a coupled thermal, carbon diffusion, solid mechanics finite element based program for simulating the heat treatment of steel parts. Engineers can use DANTE to predict the residual stress state in a given part after heat treatment, the evolution and final volume fractions of metallurgical phases, hardness, and part distortion. The DANTE analysis tool couples a multiphase material constitutive model directly with diffusive and martensitic phase transformation kinetics models. For use by metallurgists, process engineers, heat treaters and designers, the simulation capabilities of DANTE include heating, carburization, immersion quenching, gas quenching, spray quenching, press or fixtured quenching, and tempering. Additionally, the system is interfaced to popular pre and post processors.



  • Tool to Design and Optimize Carburization Process Schedules
  • Fitting of Phase Transformation Kinetics Model Parameters from Dilatometry Data
  • Fitting of Phase Transformation Kinetics Model Parameters from TTT / CCT Data
  • Fitting of Mechanical Model Parameters from Conventional Tension / Compression Tests
  • Calculation of Heat Transfer Coefficients from Measured Time –Temperature Data
  • TTT & CCT Phase Diagram Generation from DANTE Database
  • Jominy Hardness Predictor
  • Point Tracker to Predict Phase and Hardness from Known Cooling Curves

Practical Aplications


DANTE Utilities