DANTE is a thermal coupled, diffusion based carbon program based on finite elements of solid mechanics to simulate the heat treatment of steel parts. Engineers can use DANTE to predict the state of residual stress in a given part after heat treatment, evolution and final volume fractions of metallurgical phases, hardness and partial distortion.





DANTE Solutions offers services such as:

Simulation and analysis of heat treatment (characteristics and benefits)
STRESS Analysis
Thermal analysis
Consulting in Metallurgical Engineering
Thermo-Mechanical Systems Modeling
Design and development of manufacturing processes.

Among others, highlighting these mainly




We are pleased to offer our flagship product “DANTE”, with an annual or perpetual license. We also offer a series of independent utilities with a perpetual license, focused on an area of specific interest or used to determine the inputs used by DANTE. All products come with the unparalleled support of DANTE Solutions engineering team. You can request a quote here or contact us directly to DANTE Solutions with your simulation needs:

  • Dante
  • G-Carb
  • V-Carb
  • Point Predictor
  • TTT / CCT generator
  • Adjustment of mechanical properties
  • Fitting Transformation Phase
  • Thermal limit condition




Our relationship began 6 years ago and we are one of the distributors of DANTE Solutions in Mexico, counting with its support and support to provide the necessary services within the region. With the experience in the area of sales and technical support we are the best option for our partners to request help or to buy the software of DANTE Solutions.



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