CATIA is the world’s leading brand in product design and expertise, was the initial product of Dassault Systèmes. It is the PLM solution for collaborative 3D creation. CATIA addresses the product development process, from the early specification of the concept of the product to the product in service.

CATIA offers the unique opportunity not only to model any product, but to do it in the context of its behavior in real life: design in the era of experience. System architects, engineers, designers and all their collaborators can define the world that connects us, imagines and shapes.







CATIA V5 is the leading solution to achieve success with products. It is useful for all manufacturing organizations, from original equipment manufacturers to the entire supply chain.

Dassault Systèmes continues to offer the best compatibility of several versions of the sector, allowing users who are based on the V5-6 and V6 architecture share and edit parts at the function level. V5-6R2014 extends the scope of this capability to ensure compatibility with CATIA. The two new CATIA products are available with this version:
* CATIA Mechanical Surface Refinement 2 & CATIA ICEM Surf to CATIA Interface






CATIA V5 Academy

CATIA V5 Academy has been adapted by thousands of teachers and students in the dumb. With its collaborative and social platform. It is the solution of all the schools for a better teaching, being part of the Project based on the teaching and the Internet of things.

Students using the tool will learn how to design from scratch or reuse the available work knowledge from previous designs. Prepare for the job you want. There is no significant difference between CATIA V5 Student Edition and its corresponding commercial license. From the point of view of capacity, they are identical but the parts produced and the products have watermarks, so they can not be used with a commercial license





CATIA V6 covers all facets of the latest generation collaborative virtual design, including mechanical engineering, equipment and systems, shape design and reuse of the company’s know-how.

CATIA V6 is a collaborative 3D solution that provides a link between designers and non-CAD users. CATIA V6 boosts innovative capabilities in companies of any size and industry, through advanced design productivity enhancements, Highly collaborative platform.

CATIA V6 redefines CAD from the definition of the purely physical product and expands it from the DMU to the IMF taking into account all the points of view necessary for product development (ie requirements, functions, logic And physics).