Kimeca developer of efficient and reliable products suitable for the world market. To achieve these demanding needs Kimeca offers a wide repertoire of services at your disposal and can count as Kimeca partners who will help them. Kimeca has demonstrated ability to be that partner by providing Simulation, Product Development and Training Services.

The core team of Kimeca has degrees and with more than 15 years of industrial experience in various disciplines. Our collective experience solves difficult and complicated engineering problems with success.





With these simulation services the products of our technological partners, we validate if the products fulfill their main function in different working conditions.




With our manufacturing process simulation services we can help our partners in the design and optimization of the tools of different production processes.




We offer product optimization services for metrics and not for metrics by reducing the mass of the products without sacrificing the functional performance of the products.



Forensic Engineering.

Our forensic engineering services have served within the industry to provide fault analysis, damage assessment and repair. During more than 15 years of experience, we have been able to know how to determine the damage and thus be an option for our partners.


Expert Engineering


We determine how materials and products fail, including the mechanical integrity of equipment that has deteriorated due to corrosion, fatigue, damage, fire exposure, abuse or improper fabrication. Our tools include knowledge of materials, metallurgy, manufacturing practices and codes and standards.

Technical Arbitration

We provide technical services to assist in the determination of liability in Arbitration. Due to our experience in designing, manufacturing, constructing and analyzing equipment, we have served as technical arbitrators in disputes involving responsibilities between the designer, manufacturer, operator and contractor. By solving these disputes in this way, principals save a lot of unnecessary costs.

The benefits of technical arbitration include more flexible procedures and are faster and more profitable than standard legal arbitration.