Kimeca.NET is an educational partner and certification center endorsed and authorized by Dassault Systèmes. Our staff is trained to provide courses and take CATIA and SIMULIA certification exams. The courses that are taught at Kimeca.NET are supported by the same provider, at the end of the course students are given a certificate of participation. All our courses can be customized according to the needs of each participant.

We have courses already scheduled throughout the year at the facilities of Kimeca in Mexico City, however we can adapt to the dates and cedes that the participants require according to the availability of our staff ·

We have special prices for:

* Groups of up to 10 participants
* Students with valid credential.



Among the courses offered are the following:


CATIA Infrastructure V6

– CATIA Automation Essentials

CATIA Knowledge and Reuse V6

– CATIA Knowledge Advisor Essentials

– CATIA Product Knowledge Template Definition Essentials

– Introduction to Enterprise Knowledge Language

CATIA Mechanical V6

– CATIA Aerospace Sheet metal Design Essentials

– CATIA Composites Engineering Essentials

– CATIA Composites Manufacturing Essentials

– CATIA Drafting Essentials

– CATIA Fabricated Post Design Essentials

– CATIA Fastener Design Essentials

– CATIA Mechanism Simulation Essentials

– CATIA Mold Tooling Essentials

– CATIA Plastic Part Design Essentials

– CATIA V6 Collaborative Design Essentials

– CATIA V6 Mechanical Design Advanced

– CATIA Mechanical Design  Fundamentals

CATIA PLM Express V6

– V6 PLM Express Essentials

CATIA Equipment V6

– CATIA 3D Electrical Design Essentials

– CATIA ElectroMechanical Circuit Board Essentials

– CATIA Pipins and Tubing Administration

– CATIA System Generative 3D Electrical Essential

– CATIA V5 to V6 Electrical Transition

– CATIA Wire Harners Documentation and Formboard Essentials





– Introduction to Abaqus

– Introduction to Abaqus CAE

– Introduction to Abaqus CFD

– Introduction to Abaqus Standard and Explicit

– Introduction to Abaqus Scripting

Introduction to Abaqus to CATIA V5

Isight and SIMULIA Execution Engine

– Introduction to Isight

– Isight Components Development


– Abaqus CAE

– Abaqus for Offshore Materials with Abaqus

– Analysis of Composite Materials with Abaqus

– Automative NVH with Abaqus

– Flexible Multibody System with Abaqus

– Modeling Fracture and Failure with Abaqus

– Modeling Contact with Abaqus Standard

Advanced Abaqus

– Advanced Abaqus Scripting

– Abaqus/Explicit- Advanced Topics

– Obtainig Converged Simulation and Abaqus

– Heut Tranfer/ Thermal Stress Analysis with Abaqus

– Buckling postbuckling and Collapse Analysis with Abaqus

– Element Selections in Abaqus

– Electromagnetics Analysis with Abaqus

–  Structural- Acoustic with Abaqus

– Writing use Subroutines with Abaqus

– Linear Dynamics with Abaqus




The Dassault System Certification program provides customers, users, partners and students with an invaluable tool to measure and promote their knowledge within the PLM ecosystem. The Dassault Systemes Certification program provides standards to measure the knowledge of PLM products allowing participants to position themselves on market standards.