Optimization Services.





Optimization Services

We offer parametric and nonparametric optimization services for structural products reducing the mass of without sacrificing the functional performance of them. The weight reduction services of any product are achieved by optimizing the topology using Tosca Structure. First, the design space is defined. During the optimization process, Tosca Structure identifies areas that do not contribute to force and eliminates step by step the material not required.

Benefit for our partners

The new designs that are delivered to our partners will be much more efficient, without all the material to spare, also generating savings of money. Therefore the new design will result in a lighter design, as well as a significantly higher production efficiency. In addition, we will comply with all rigidity requirements and all other applicants that need to be met.

The optimization of the topology with the structure of Tosca leads to a style of design, lightening things and making them more efficient and also increasing the production