Validation of Manufacturing Processes


With our manufacturing process simulation services we can help our partners in the design and optimization of the tools of different production processes.




In kimeca we have the capacity, and experience, to simulate manufacturing processes and in this way to optimize the design of the tools. With these simulations the manufacturing engineers will have timely information on the quality of the finished product before developing the soft tool. Once they know the results of a conceptual tooling design, it is possible to develop an iterative optimization process in which, by modifying the characteristics of the matrix, punch or treadmill; It is possible to improve the quality of the finished product by eliminating excessive wrinkling and thinning.



Experimental of efforts

In Kimeca we have the capacity and experience of developing Experimental Analysis of Efforts making use of the theory of photoelasticity. With these tools can be determined the intensity of stresses of mechanical elements subject to different working conditions. In the image we can observe a beam in cantilever with punctual load at the free end. Beam in cantilever with punctual load at the free end. With the results of this type of analysis it is possible to correlate or verify FEA results.



Experimental Modal

Kimeca offers services of analysis of vibrations and modalities in systems or mechanical components of experimental form. The acquisition of vibration characteristics in physical systems is developed using laser beam equipment or with accelerometers. The results of these studies are: Modal Analysis * Vibration Modes * Natural Frequencies Dynamic Analysis * Vibration Amplitude in Frequency Domain