Tuesday September 6th, 2016. Mexico City

It was held the delivery ceremony of certificates to students of the Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica – Unidad Ticoman of Instituto Poltecnico Nacional

This ceremony was the culmination of a process of selecting 20 candidates (students and teachers) from the ESIME community – Ticoman unit. These 20 candidates received the course of training “CATIA V5 Fundamentals” with a duration of 40 hours, same that was sponsored and taught by KIMECA.NET (EPP partner and authorized certifying center of Dassault Systèmes) At the end of this training, the candidates had a period of practice and subsequent there were held  2 days of certification sessions in which the candidates presented ‘CATIA Assembly Design tests’ resulting in a total of 18 certified candidates.


Members of the H. Presidium

  • M. en C. Abel Hernández Gutiérrez –  ESIME Academic Deputy Director  – Ticoman
  • Maria Alejandra de la Cruz Segura – VS Partner Success Manager 3DS VS North America at Dassault Systèmes
  • Philippe Godbout – Vice President Partner Sales at Dassault Systèmes
  • Dr. Reynaldo Frausto Vega Supervisor of the Higer Education Direction of Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • Jose Luis Garcia Lozano – General Director of KIMECA.NET
  • Sandra Guerrero Cardoso – Administrative Manager of KIMECA.NET



Words by M. Sc. Abel Hernández Gutiérrez – “… ¿Who can be free?, free is the one who can turn their eyes to the sky to fly, to design with the clouds unreleased things…”



Words by Philippe Godbout – “…You are the first students of which I have knowledge that are certified in CATIA V5, it is the first time I attend and event like this…”






Delivery of certificates by the H. Presidium to the certified students from ESIME – Ticoman



Group of students that got certificates: CATIA Part Design Specialist, CATIA Assembly Design Specialist, CATIA Mechanical Designer Specialist



Certified students with the Mech.E. Angel Magaña – Certified Instructor in CATIA by Dassault Systèmes



Certified students with the KIMECA.NET and Dassault Systèmes staff.



Words by Mech.E. Angel de Jesus Magaña Sarao – “…CONGRATULATIONS and be WELCOME to the elite community of people certified in CATIA.”



Members of the team of KIMECA.NET & Dassault Systèmes



¡Huélum, Huélum, Gloria!


Additional information:

info@kimeca.com.mx or call us +52 (55) 2459 2635 & (55) 5781 4385