State-of-the-Art in heat treatment simulation software

DANTE® is the State-of-the-Art in heat treatment simulation software, promotes improved component and process design in heat treatment. DANTE heat treatment simulation software is a coupled thermal, carbon diffusion, solid mechanics finite element based program for heat treatment simulation of steel parts. Engineers can use DANTE to predict the residual stress state in a given part after heat treatment, the evolution and final volume fractions of metallurgical phases, hardness, and part distortion. The DANTE analysis tool couples a multiphase material constitutive model directly with diffusive and martensitic phase transformation kinetics models. For use by metallurgists, process engineers, heat treaters, and designers, the heat treatment simulation capabilities of DANTE include heating, carburization, immersion quenching, gas quenching, spray quenching, press or fixtured quenching, and tempering. Additionally, the system is interfaced with popular pre and post-processors.

“DANTE® Heat Treat Simulation Software has been a great boon to Cummins. Since we started using their software we have gone through several projects that have increased our understanding of heat treatment and some of which have saved us production costs. One example was enabling us to gain the leverage needed to make a material and process change on a legacy product that is now saving us at least 25% on material costs. The team at DANTE Solutions has always been very accommodating and is very quick to give assistance and feedback whenever troubles arise, even when the troubles are caused by other parts of the simulation and not DANTE itself. I look forward to working with the DANTE team in the coming years as we expand our list of engineers who use this software.”

Brian W.  -Cummins