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Technical Support Engineers Certified by Dassault Systèmes


We can help with your complete product design and development process

From requirements to conceptual design, virtual validation and optimization, to virtual process validation, virtual-experimental correlation, sign of production, to installation.

Who are we?

Kimeca is a technological partner helping improve your engineering and product design efficiency. We provide a repository of products and services for product development that helps streamline processes, eliminate errors, lower costs and improve functional product performance and quality. Our dedicated expert engineers advise and support your product innovation which is the core driver of your business growth.  Helping you in the digital transformation of your sustainable superior product innovation. Kimeca engineering services cover a fully integrated virtual design, development, simulation, and optimization to validate the product with confidence to deliver a meaningful innovative product experience. Kimeca is a Dassault Systèmes‘ business partner for 3DEXPERIENCE, SIMULIA, CATIA, ENOVIA products. 

Dassault Systèmes' Business and Educational Partner and Certification Center


Where can we help in your product development process?

Need some engineering product design and development?

Kimeca has more than 30 years of experience in the product design and development process. Our services include:

   – Conceptual and Detailed design

   – Product validation and optimization

   – Process validation and optimization

   – Tools design and manufacturing

   – Sign Of  Production and delivery


If you prefer we can help you to implement the best CAD tool, CATIA,  into your product development process.


Kimeca engineers provide high quality simulation services as:

     –   Nonlinear Stress Analysis

     –   Modal Analysis

     –   Radiated Noise

     –   Heat Transfer

     –   Parametric and non parametric optimizations

     –   Linear and nonlinear dynamics

     –   Multiphysics


We can provide the best nonlinear structural FEA suite, SIMULIA with the best technical support to improve your skills in the most challenging projects.



Need CNC machining providers,

Kimeca has CNC capabilitites to design and manufacture your prototypes or fixtures:

     –   Vibration

     –   Checking

     –   Leakage

     –  Photometry

     –   …


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