CATIA Surface Design Expert

This course will first recall and summarize the tools taught in the Surface Design course. It will
then capitalize on this knowledge and teach you advanced surface creation tools, quality
checking and correction techniques, and surface creation in a multimodel environment. This
course covers only those Generative Shape Design tools that are specific to the HD2 license

Course objectives
Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
Create wireframe features using existing curves and surfaces
Create advanced and parameterized swept surfaces
Analyze advanced surfaces and fill gaps
Create advanced blend features
Improve the quality and stability of existing geometries


Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Surface Design
  • Creating Advanced Wireframe Features
  • Analyzing and Repairing Wireframe
  • Creating Advanced Swept Surfaces
  • Creating Advanced Blending Surfaces
  • Analyzing the Surfaces
  • Designing Surfaces: Additional Tools
  • Master Exercise: Mirror Shell


Target audience
Mechanical Designers

Students attending this course should have completed the CATIA Surface Design course