This course is a comprehensive introduction to fe-safe you will learn how to set up and run various fatigue analyses using fe-safe.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

·         Set up and run various fatigue analyses using fe-safe

·         Set up models and import models into fe-safe

·         Select a material for fatigue analysis

·         Set up your loadings

·         Run various analyses in fe-safe

Course objectives:

  • Overview of Fatigue and fe-safe
  • fe-safe\\u00ae User Interfac
  • Defining Group Parameters
  • Theory od Fatigue
  • Loading Methods in fe-safe
  • Fatigue Analysis Process and Algorithms
  • fe-safe Diagnostic Techniques
  • Infinite Life, Probability and Theory of Critical Distances
  • High Temperature Fatigue Analysis in fe-safe
  • Rotational Symmetry of Loading
  • Signal Processing with safe4fatigue

The course is divided into lectures, demonstrations, and workshops.

The course’s workshops are integral to the training. They are designed to reinforce concepts presented during the lectures and demonstrations. They are intended to provide users with the experience of running and trouble-shooting actual.

Who should attend?

No previous knowledge is required, but some basic knowledge of finite elements and continuum mechanics is desirable. Also, some familiarity with interactive modeling is helpful but not required.