In this learning module, you will learn how to create and manage assemblies and sub-assemblies in the design context. You will manage the positioning of parts and analyze assemblies. You will also learn how to modify the design in the assembly context.

Course objectives:

Upon the completion of this module, you will be able to:

– Create and manage assemblies

– Manage the positioning of parts

– Create engineering connections to specify the degrees of freedom of components

– Modify design in the assembly context

– Create flexible assemblies

– Calculate, declare, and examine the weight distribution of assemblies

– Replace components

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of the CATIA Assembly Design App

  • Create and Modify Assemblies

  • Apply Engineering Connections

  • Manage Publications

  • Explore Skeleton Methodology

  • Use Flexible Assemblies

  • Discover Essential Assembly Features

  • Enrich your Assembly

  • Feedback on Practice CATIA Assembly Design


Target audience

Styling, Cyber Physical Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Multi-Discipline Engineering, Electrical & Fluids
Engineering, Digital Manufacturing, Multiphysics Simulation


Learners attending this learning module should have completed the Explore the 3DSwymer Role module and should be familiar with the fundamentals of mechanical design.