This module will teach you how to use the Generative Wireframe and Surface app to create curves and surfaces. You will learn how to assemble, re-limit and connect the geometries smoothly. You will also learn how to analyze the wireframe and the surface quality and rectify the detected defects.

Course objectives:

Upon completion of this module you will be able to:

– Create curves and improve the quality of the imported wireframes

– Create surfaces based on the wireframe geometries

– Assemble, re-limit and connect the surfaces smoothly to achieve the topology

– Analyze the surface quality and heal the defects

Topics Covered:

  • Video: Overview CATIA Generative Wireframe and Surface

  • Creating a Wireframe Geometry

  • Creating Surfaces

  • Surface Re-limitation and Connection

  • Surface Check Tools

  • Master Exercise: Aircraft


Target audience

  • Styling, Cyber Physical Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Multi-Discipline Engineering, Electrical & Fluids Engineering, Digital Manufacturing, Multiphysics Simulation,


Learners attending this module should have completed the Explore the 3D Swymer Role module.