Advanced Abaqus Scripting

Course Objective

This seminar is offered as a follow-up to the Introduction to Abaqus Scripting course. It is a deeper dive into both Python and the Abaqus Scripting Interface and gives users more hands-on exposure with practically oriented workshops of moderate complexity.  This course also provides pointers for more specialized and advanced topics. 

After attending this training course, students will be able to:

  • Write scripts of moderate complexity to automate pre- and postprocessing tasks and improve productivity
  • Use best practices for maintaining Abaqus scripts and optimizing their performance
  • Use advanced techniques to take advantage of the Abaqus object model
  • Set up parametric studies using ASI
  • Build and modify simple GUI plug-ins using the Really Simple GUI (RSG) framework
  • Leverage built-in features of Python to build applications
  • Write Python scripts for utility tasks that interface with the operating system and file system
  • Understand how to locate and utilize powerful third-party Python modules
  • Understand and utilize Python’s object-oriented features


Who should attend

Every Abaqus user should be familiar with the ASI. Productivity gains can be realized at many levels; from simple scripts that automate tedious tasks to large applications with custom user interfaces. This course is recommended for all Abaqus users who already have a basic familiarity of scripting and are looking to sharpen their skills.

The Introduction to Abaqus Scripting course is highly recommended before attending this seminar.  Users proficient with programming (in at least one language) and reasonable familiarity with Abaqus/CAE may attend both the seminars in series. More experienced Abaqus users already familiar with basics of scripting using Python may attend this advanced seminar directly.

Schedule and Registration

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