SIMULIA Structural Model Creation

This course is an introduction to finite element modeling in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It teaches you how to prepare finite element models for simulation.



  • Structural Analysis Engineer, Mechanical Analyst, Finite Element Modeling Specialist, Structural Vibration Analyst, Noise & Vibration Analyst, Additive Manufacturing Researcher, Structural Mechanics Engineer, Structural Performance Engineer, Structural Engineer, Airframe Structural Sizing Engineer, Composites Engineer for Transportation and Mobility, Composite Structures Performance Engineer, Product and Packaging Analysis Engineer, Tire Analysis Engineer, Composite Structures Analysis Engineer, Additive Manufacturing Analysis Engineer, Simulation Model Build Engineer, Multidiscipline Performance Engineer, Steel Structures Engineer for Marine and Offshore, Composites Designer for Marine & Offshore, Structural Professional Engineer , Durability Performance Engineer, Durability and Mechanics Engineer.


  • 8 hours

Topics Covered:

Practice SIMULIA Structural Model Creation

  • Overview – Structural Model Creation Essential

1 – Introduction to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

2 – Getting Started with Simulation Modeling

3 – Meshing

4 – Material and Section Properties

5 – Connections and Rigid Bodies

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