This module will teach you how to create drawings using the Drafting app. You will learn how to create projection views and section views of a 3D model or an assembly and add the required dimensions.

Course objectives:

Upon completion of this module you will be able to:

Create simple projection views and section views of 3D parts and assemblies

Position the views on a drawing sheet

Add dimensions and annotations to the views

Topics Covered:

Module Introduction: Practice CATIA Drafting

Video: Practice CATIA Drafting Overview

Creating a New Drawing

Creating Dimensions and Annotations

Finalizing and Printing the Drawing

Case Study: Create a Drawing

Summary: Practice CATIA Drafting

Assessment: Practice CATIA Drafting


Target audience

  • Mechanical Designer, Mechanical & Shape Designer, 3DMaster Conceptual Designer, Machine & Equipment Designer, Shaped Machine & Equipment Designer, Powertrain & Chassis Designer,


Students attending this learning module should have completed the Explore the Collaborative Business Innovator Role module. Additionally, they should be familiar with Part Design and Assembly Design in CATIA.